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As one of the India's leading installers of high quality misting systems, Mister Misting stands by our promise of quality, durability, comfort and expert service. Known for our innovative approach to outdoor cooling, heating, dust suppression and odour control, Mister Misting transforms even the most extreme environments to fit your individual needs. You live here because of our great outdoors, the place to relax, entertain, dine, and revitalise. Unfortunately, with our temperature extremes, the outdoors can also be the place to avoid when it’s too hot or too cold. Imagine the refreshing feel of a cooling mist on a hot summer day or the toasty feel of radiant warmth on a chilly night. Mister Misting offers you the best of both.

Company Formula: Quality + Affordability = Customer Satisfaction

Our Approach

At Mister Misting we believe in using a blend of technology and design to provide innovative solutions to the customer needs. Already trusted by some of the top luxury hotels and cafes Mister Misting has become a one stop trusted solution for all misting systems requirements.

Our Vision

We started with a vision of innovating the misting industry and providing solutions that not only work flawlessly but look absolutely stunning with the help of technology and design at a cost effective price.

Aditya Grover


Serial Entrepreneur with more than 5 years of experience in industrial cooling and heating systems, leading the business development side.

Pranay Handa


Hardware Expert in Design and Manufacturing. More than 5 years of experience across different domains.